Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22nd Better day!

Well it looks like Greg ate something that did not agree with him as after 24 hours of being in bed he is know back on his feet and we where ready to dive again today. We spent out last day doing 3 dives at Mabul Island. They where fantastic as we spent the day taking pictures of Crocodile fish, clown as well as we got a very rare treat, we actually got to photograph a sea moth, which according to our dive master is something very exciting. I took several photographs that I hope come out.

We have such a great time working on our underwater photography with different ports and lenses. We also celebrated after the final dive that we had accomplished a whole week of diving without one flood or camera mishap.

We are in the process of packing up the dive gear as well as the photo gear for our next part of our adventure. We are heading into the rainforest in the morning and we are not sure if there will be internet connection so you may not hear from us until we get back into civilation but keep checking as will try and keep everyone updated for the next few days.

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