Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Sandakan touring - Thursday August 26, 2010

We awoke again at sunrise to capture a few images but the clouds were creating a lot of over cast and not cooperative but this place is amazing never the less. After a 7:00am breakfast we walked around taking a few more macro shots before departing at 9:00 going back the the 10:00am Orangutang feeding. Afterwards our guide J.R. tooks us to the War Memorial. The memorial park is a park dedicated to the men who survived the POW camp during WW2. The history as well as the lesson of what happened in Borneo during that time was really moving. We are both glad we got a chance to see it and experience just a small moment in history. We once again returned to the Saba Hotel for lunch and then a tour of the beautiful Buddist temple. The first thing we noticed upon our arrival is what looked like Nazi symbols all of the temple. Our guide J.R. said no in fact it is the Nazi sigh backwards and according to the Buddists this is a symbol of peace. We will have to show you the pictures of that. We both find that very interesting. Finally our guide took us to Agnes Keith house. She is the novelist I have been reading while I have been here in Borneo. The book the land below the wind is the book I had mentioned in my previous blog writtings. Her our is so amazing and you can feel her spirit there. I hope to read her further novels and hope to obtain a copy of the 1950 movie of the second book entitled " Three come home". Which is the continuing story of when her and her son where captured by the Japanese at put into a POW camp. 

Right at this moment it is 5:21 p.m. on Aug.26th and we are sitting by the pool at the Saba Hotel again waiting for our transfer back to the airport for the first of our leg home. We will continue the blog in Singapore tomorrow where we have a full day of shopping/resting before the 2 long haul flights home.

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