Thursday, August 26, 2010

Borneo Rain Forest - Tuesday August 24, 2010

We awaoke at 05:00 to get ready for a morning river cruise leaving the dock at 06:00. We went down river for more monkey encounters and spotted a hugh 4 meter crocodile longer than our boat! The captain Arceo did not want to have anything to do with him due to his enormous size! After floating around Ox Bo lake we put our Wellies on for a short walk about through the jungle. Richard our guide showed us leaches as well as elephant dung along the way. Once we reached the end of the trek we both had leaches on us. Alicia's was planted on her butt and Steve found this quite amusing that she took it right off and was not afraid. Yes, these leaches were still on the outside of the pants!

After going back to the resort we had breakfast and got ready for a boardwalk nature tour at the Sukau Rainforest Lodge with Winston Marshall. He is a 73 year Englishman raised in Burma. He had some stories for sure!!!

After the walk we went back to the resort for lunch and a little R&R beofre the afternoon river cruise at 16:00. Much of the same wildlife we saw yesterday was observed again today.

We returned to the lodge for dinner and and in prompt to show put on by the staff complete with a fire dance. We pepared for another 20:30 night cruise seeing more creatures of the night along the river banks.

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